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Papiro Art Papiro Art

“Every colour expands and settles on other colours / So that it is more alone if you look at it”




The Laboratorio Artistico Il Papiro was established in Rome in 1985.

Lidia Scalzo, an art teacher and eclectic artist, founded it with the desire of setting up a creative workshop inspired by the Bauhaus.

Starting with this key philosophy, it grew over time with the arrival of new artistic figures such as Rosaria Scalzo (creative and photographer) and Flavio Chimenton (decoration graduate). The workshop was transformed into Papiro Art, which offers a perfect blend of art and craft, achieving the very highest standards of art and design as broadly acknowledged by designers and architects.

The workshop is a multidisciplinary space, which researches different materials and experiments with different methods of  application, even interpreting and transforming mass-produced industrial elements into something unique and exciting.

Prestigious clients, works published in the most important magazines in the sector. Regularly present at the Milan Triennale and the biggest national and international events.

It received an award from the Region of Lazio (decoration section) in 2012 and became part of the Italian artistic craft scene.

In 2014 it was selected by ANCI LAZIO as part of the Shapes project “sharing prior excellence and support for the Med creative asset” as the leading Italian enterprise for creativity, originality and excellence.

Workshop and showroom in Rome and Vetralla (VT).

Artistic Director Lidia Scalzo.

Hula Op Gold-limited edition
Hula Op Gold

Paolo Grasselli Paolo Grasselli

Paolo Grasselli was born in Reggio Emilia and he graduated to the ISIA, in Firenze. He is interested in design and planning of insides. He worked for Alessi, Arcade, Cellular Italia, Knolls, Hoffmann Italia, Halto, Olivetti, Veers, Modoluce, Oliver.

Some his creations have been exposed in the Deutsches Architektur Museum of Frankfurt and Felissimo design house in New York. He had different publications on the principal magazines of design and architecture. From 1997 to 2004 he has been teacher of design at the university of the Project of Reggio Emilia.


Raba Rainer Raba Rainer

Rainer Bachschmid was born at the lake Constance, between Germany and Switzerland. Among training as a cabinetmaker he studied Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal. After graduation in 1994 he collaborated with some designers like Babel Design and Moll Design.

Following Rainer Bachschmid moved to Switzerland. He worked for 10 years as the head of development and design for the furniture factory Reinhard AG Sachseln. In the year 2004 he founded Rabadesign of Switzerland.

Modern stool in polyetylene Hula Op
Hula Op

Menguzzato & Nascimben Menguzzato & Nascimben

STUDIO QUADRIFOGLIO of Associated Architects Gianni Menguzzato & Claudio Nascimben since its origin has been committed to the field of industrial design. It has collaborated with many businesses in various sectors of industrial production. In particular, they have been involved in the office furniture and their add-ons, office chairs and accessories, external finishings, lighting and upon contract.
Furthermore, the firm has cooperated with various companies in other sectors such as the design of motorcycle and bicycle helmets, biomedical machinery, ecological equipment, vending machines etc. Through these projects it has hence matured numerous and useful experiences in the research and development of materials and also in their technical differences and operative applications.

Vintage stool Boba
Boba Vintage

Giorgio Manzali Giorgio Manzali

Originates from artistic studies , primarily painting and sculpture. Throughout the years he has coupled the two: painted sculptures and model panel paintings, where 'aged' has remained the constant central theme.
Since 1977 he has concentrated part of his attention towards interior design and architecture with a clear affirmation that a painting or a sculpture always arise from a project, just as from a project develops an architecture, such as, a chair, table, sofa, mirror or a lamp. The grouping of all of these may be sculpture and colour, that which the irrational at first may be brought forth to become rational: tridimensional elements which man has lived within or beside but in any case ever present.

Table for home and hotel Sibì
Height adjustable table Ippo Next
Ippo Next
Small table Pallino for bars, restaurants and canteen
High round base table Tazio
Square base table Caio for bars and reastaurants
Modern coffè table Sempronio

Angelo Pinaffo Angelo Pinaffo

Studied at the Padua’s Pietro Selvatico” State Art School, completing his training at the Venice University School of Architecture (IUAV), specialising in Architectural Design. Even whilst still studying, his flair for design allowed him to secure important collaborations with architectural and design studios, as well as allowing him to participate in projects in academia. Pinaffo took part in national and international ideas competitions (many of them publically advertised and published), also undertaking museum and exhibition projects.

Over the course of the years, Pinaffo’s projects have encompassed architecture, interior design and furnishing and graphic design. Since the mid-1990s, however, he’s mainly worked as a freelancer in the area of industrial design. In time, Pinaffo developed a strong specialisation for office, community, business and home seating solutions, collaborating with leading organisations in the various sectors. His critical approach to solving technical problems results in original solutions that are often so innovative they become patented trademarks.

Pinaffo’s work – with its unerring pursuit of simplicity and meticulous attention to detail – looks to achieve aesthetic and technical originality whilst maintaining a constant state of equilibrium between form, function and production requirements.

folding table Archimede
Wall or self supporting modular open bookcase Freely
Multi purpose chair Wampa for conference and meeting
Folding table Pitagora for conference and training rooms
Tip up seat chair Oplà for conference and training rooms
Tip up seat conference chair Oplà Mesh with mesh backrest
Oplà Mesh

A. Basaglia e N. Rota Nodari A. Basaglia e N. Rota Nodari

Alberto Basaglia (1969) Natalia Rota Nodari (1970)
"Architecture, design, graphics, interior design: everything is a project. The project is a vision of that which has yet to exist. Our ambition is to give everything we have so that this vision, shared with the client, may find the best paths in order to become a reality.

They founded the Associated Firm in 1997. Designing an urban sector, a building, an object, a piece of furniture: it is all the same to them. They deal with all fields of design, from urban planning to architecture, to environmental design, to design and graphics, always trying to delve deep into the details of each phase: production, marketing, communication, company strategies. Design rigor and clarity are the goals they aim to reach, striving to “eliminate”, “simplify” and “streamline” and, at the same time, “customize” that which they are creating. The creative process is a nonstop dialectic exchange of views that is crucial to an in-depth analysis of the critical issues of a project.
The duo has already designed many works of environmental, industrial, commercial and residential architecture.
“We are constantly searching for a dialogue with the landscape context. We endeavor to find new architectural elements that are able to interpret in a contemporary key the semantics of the contex".
They collaborate with many international companies on the design front, and are also art directors for some of these companies. Their very first experience in the world of design dates back to 1999, when they created the YDF collection and brand, thanks to which they were awarded the first prize in the “Young & Design” contest. They have also designed for Blitz Bovisa, BPA, Caffè Bonomi, Diemmebi, I TRE, Lema, Luxit, Mamà Design Italia, Outlook Design Italia, Pedrali, Progetti, Rexite, Steiner, Treca Interiors Paris, and YDF.

Training and courses table Galileo
Stacking chair Multi for conference rooms or meetings
Table for outdoor and indoor events Volta
Conference chair and waiting chair Multi with mesh backrest
Multi Mesh
Folding table in two heights Ribalto