Taking the best out of your spaces
In the office or at school, it happens ever more frequently to be sitting in front of our desk one moment, and the next to be involved in a meeting with colleagues. The need to alternate individual work with group sharing, gave us the idea to develop Tam Tam: the table with a cross-functional design that moves quickly and effortlessly on castors and is GPP compliant.

The Tam Tam table is designed to meet the need for fluidity in shared spaces, to make them flexible and inclusive, thanks to its different lines, ergonomic shapes and extreme mobility through the addition of castors.

Fluid spaces, agile thinking
Fluid spaces, agile thinking The ability to adapt to any type of space is further ensured through the wide range of colours that mark out the frames, tops and edges.

The shapes and colours of Tam Tam are further customising elements. Whether it’s bright and lively colours or neutral shades that reflect nature, in any case they enhance the personality of the contemporary, original, ergonomic shapes.