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Environments that shape behavior.

Public spaces are constantly evolving ecosystems because what is always changing always is the way we experience them. In such a challenging, and sometimes chaotic, scenario, it is the very objects we choose to have next to us that act as spur, binder, and facilitator. That is why understanding how people move and experience together, how they think and make decisions for themselves and others in shared environments is at the heart of Ibebi's design philosophy.

Collectivity is a challenge.

Ibebi furnishes spaces to be lived intensely, those where to meet, work, relax and create relationships. It designs products suitable for the performance of different activities and tasks, to be combined for collectivity within fluid and agile spaces. Solutions designed to encourage freedom of movement and thought throughout the day, which find their greatest expression when they are able to inspire people and suggest new perspectives to them.

Led by Alberto and Andrea Bebi, Ibebi is an enthusiastic and dynamic collective of designers and planners, with art direction by Stormo Studio. Our products are created by observing how people use environments, how they work and relate to each other in a constantly changing world. We use empathy to understand new needs, fall in love with problems, and study solutions that will solve them by fostering comfort, privacy, and performance. That's why Ibebi is also a laboratory of ideas, participatory and open, where insights and creativity can be cultivated.


Guiding the creative and design processes, telling us what to design and especially how to do it, there are always people's habits according to the logic of behavioral design.Combining design, innovation and creative methods, Ibebi Lab designs objects and environments that can activate positive behaviors and help people live better in common spaces.Ibebi collaborates with internationally renowned designers, with whom it forges and nurtures relationships of mutual esteem and inspiration to bring intelligent and functional solutions to the market.


As a design company, we believe that this is the biggest challenge we face: minimising our environmental impact and helping everyone make responsible choices.

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