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Studio Arter & Citton

The Studio Arter&Citton, founded in 1990, operates through a wide range of projects within several areas including architecture, design, interior design, nautical projects, communication and visual selling.  A variety of experiences, intentionally concieved like a “homogenous mixture”, not...

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Giorgio Manzali

Originates from artistic studies , primarily painting and sculpture. Throughout the years he has coupled the two: painted sculptures and model panel paintings, where 'aged' has remained the constant central theme. Since 1977 he has concentrated part of his attention towards interior design and...

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Angelo Pinaffo

Studied at the Padua’s Pietro Selvatico” State Art School, completing his training at the Venice University School of Architecture (IUAV), specialising in Architectural Design. Even whilst still studying, his flair for design allowed him to secure important collaborations with architectural and...

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A. Basaglia e N. Rota Nodari

Alberto Basaglia (1969) Natalia Rota Nodari (1970) "Architecture, design, graphics, interior design: everything is a project. The project is a vision of that which has yet to exist. Our ambition is to give everything we have so that this vision, shared with the client, may find the best paths...

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