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News BIO: Space to improve, space to grow

BIO chair

16 June 2020

BIO: Space to improve, space to grow

The surrounding environment has a strong impact on our behaviour and the way we act affects the future of the planet.

That’s why, at IBEBI we do not just furnish common and private spaces, but we design solutions to enhance human potential: thanks to our experience, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices become spaces for sharing, organized with the flexibility that people need today.

4 good reasons to choose the Bio Chair.

1. Shaping the future.

We believe in sustainability, not as an imposed obligation, but as an opportunity for natural evolution that each one of us should think about, because together we can revolutionize the way we live in the world.

2. Green from inside out.


An opportunity conceived to improve both process efficiency and product standards, and to create value for our collaborators, suppliers, and customers.

A more ethically responsible choice and the best and customizable organization of spaces.

3. Bio is good for the planet.


Why Bio?

Because it is only composed by materials universally recognized as recyclable.

4. And looks great, too.


Not only Bio, but also design.

Designed to guarantee long-term comfort and well-being, the Bio chair adapts and perfectly supports the lines of the body thanks to its studied ergonomics.

Bio is an extremely versatile chair, thanks to a wide range of customizations available for the frame, the back and the seat colours.

A challenge towards a higher quality of life.

Discover Bio chair.

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