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How choose furnishings for your meeting room?

Meeting room furnishings

Step #1: figure it out

But, how do you figure out the best furnishings for a meeting room? At first glace, the answer to this question seems obvious – every meeting space needs a big, conference room table and enough chairs to go around it.  Although that’s true, if the conference table takes up the entire room then it leaves minimal options for the space to be used for other activities; and hotel conference rooms along with other spaces like them thrive on being versatile.



Step #2: a foldable table

One way to keep a meeting room flexible and ready for a wide range of activities is to choose a folding table.

A folding table could be used just like a regular conference room table, but, then, when you’re done, it can be folded up and stored allowing the meeting room to be used in other ways as well.

When selecting a folding table for your conference room, choose one that’s also quick and easy to transition and store, like the Archimede table by IBEBI Design.

You can find more information at this link: https://en.ibebi.com/products/tables/archimede/

This allows the meeting room to be even more functional since there’s no special personnel required to set up, break down, or move the table.


Step #3: stackable, comfortable and durable chairs

In addition to a folding table, you can also find stackable chairs to help further increase the versatility and overall functionality of your meeting room.  No need for large, bulky office chairs.  There are options for comfortable office chairs that are durable, stylish, and, when not needed, can be stacked together and placed in a corner or closet out of the way.

An example of stackable chairs with also tip-up seat could be Oplà chair by IBEBI Design.

Have a look at further information at this link: https://en.ibebi.com/products/chairs/opla/


When you choose a folding top table and stackable chairs your conference room can be not only a meeting space but a place where you can host nearly any type of training or activity.

This makes the meeting room even more usable and often, even more profitable too.

Visit our meeting solutions at this link: https://en.ibebi.com/products/tables/archimede/






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