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How to organize the perfect terrace dinner

Whether you desire a romantic dinner for two or a cozy get-together with your closest friends, one of the best places to throw a dinner party is on the terrace. Here are some great tips and suggestions to help you create a warm, inviting atmosphere at your next terrace dinner party.


1. Create An Intimate Setting

Use warm colors to create a foundation for your evening. Be sure to incorporate candles or string lighting, which give off a warm glow and also provide light as the sun sets. Try using neutral colors for furnishings, while accent pieces (i.e. dining ware, flowers, pillows etc.) are great for adding a pop of color.



2. Theme

Primitive and whimsical, a night in Paris, country chic, simple streamline or the Taj Mahal? It’s your dinner party and you can do what you want to! Try choosing a theme to make the evening more memorable. If you’re choosing décor from a different country or culture, try including typical dishes that are eaten there. This is also a great way to incorporate the perfect mood music to set the tone of your special evening.


3. Select Your Furnishings Accordingly

For a small terrace, try using less bulky furniture that will keep your small space feeling open. For a more spacious terrace, feel free to introduce more prominent pieces that will add a special touch to the atmosphere you want to create.

The indestructible HOTH chair is the perfect option for style, comfort and space.

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4. Leave Room For The Food

Remember not to go overboard with accessories on the dining table, especially if you have a limited space. If you’d like to leave your serving dishes on the table while you dine, try not don’t go overboard with the amount of accessories on that table. If your space allows it, you might think of incorporating a second serving table to ensure the proper amount of space.


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