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Working open space for sharing also in office

The keyword is: to share also in office.
The idea of office changes, it opens to conviviality for an informal meeting, a break or a chat.
No walls, closed doors and offices but open spaces for sharing and being creative together.

In the latest years we’ve become more social and busy to post in social networks our feelings and projects. Our behavior has changed in the working environment too and the office’s concept adapts therefore.
We’re more inclinable to share and to collaborate. But how can we collaborate in a closed area?


Use separation walls
No more doors which close offices and human contacts, but separation walls in glass or in plastic which can be customized in forms and colours as you prefer.


Go green in office
According to a Belgian university’s study adding some plants in your working area, gives a good idea of your company but overall purify the air and create a relaxant and healthy atmosphere.

Allow your employees to have fun
It is ensured that having a short beak (10/15 minutes) is enough for resting the mind and for being more productive in the next working hours. Evaluate the idea of creating a small lounge, where your employees can meet up, have a chat or a snack.


Following these tips, new working areas are born: the Creative room, a space dotated of multimedial supports where it’s possible to create and to think new projects without pressure; the Chill out / Snack area in where people can meet and have short briefing or to discuss informally about work but not only.

Discover new working areas! Our ideas of work spaces–> http://bit.ly/ibebi-workspaces


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