Square base table Caio for bars and reastaurants

A modern and functional solution for your places is sure the small table Caio. Caio is available in two heights, both with a square base 400x400mm in varnished cast iron or covered in shiny or satin-finished stainless steel sheet and with square column 80x80 mm.

If you’d prefer a table with more roundish forms, choose the table Tazio.

Caio’s table tops are in HPL(black or white), in melamine or in super opaque and anti-smudge Fenix (black or white).

To complete  your project, take a look at our Hoth chair; its  clear and colored forms combine perfectly with our square table Caio.


Designer Giorgio Manzali
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Caio 1 - square base table for bars and restaurants Caio 2 - square base table for bar and restaurants
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