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Arles - France 2020 Meeting room with Tam Tam and Oplà Read All
Bergamo - Italy 2019 Classrooms with school desks Pitagora and chairs Hoth Read All
Belgium 2019 Folding tables Pitagora in Belgium Read All
Heidelberg - Germany 2019 Mobile chair Rover EVO for training room Read All
Trento - Italy 2019 School lab with folding table Archimede Read All
Macerata - Italy 2019 Classroom with mobile chair Rover EVO Read All
Munich - Germany 2019 Workstation with folding table Archimede Read All
Belgium 2018 Professional meeting room with Archimede and Multi Read All
Hungary 2018 Mobile chair Rover for a conference and training room Read All
France 2018 Meeting and training room with Oplà chairs with writing tablet Read All
Pordenone - Italy 2017 Courses and training room with Multi chairs with writing tablets Read All
Stirling - UK 2017 Educational furniture with Galileo desks Read All
France 2017 Office furniture with Multi and Archimede Read All
Prato - Italy 2017 Meeting and conference room with Multi Mesh chairs Read All
Udine - Italy 2017 Educational furniture for 'Istituto Malignani' Read All
Milan - Italy 2016 Training and meeting room with Pitagora and Archimede Read All
Dalmine (BG) 2016 Volta and Multi: renovation 'Spazio Greppi' in Dalmine Read All
Iseo Lake (BG) 2016 Archimede and Multi in the meeting room of Cocca Hotel Read All
Rome 2016 Hoth chairs go out for dinner! Read All
Nice 2016 Sibì bedside tables by IBIS Hotel in Nice Read All
Ivrea - Turin 2016 Waiting room realised with Multi bench Read All
Milan - Italy 2016 Restyling office by REclick Agency with Multi chairs Read All
Belgium 2015 Hoth and Archimede go to school! - Belgium Read All
Brescia - Italy 2015 The perfect solution for schools: Oplà and Archimede Read All
Bologna - Italy 2015 Multi by the new "Opificio Golinelli" Read All
Caorle - Italy 2015 Hoth in the restaurant Azzurra in Caorle Read All
Rome - Italy 2015 Do you want to decorate your conference room in a modern way? Try Multi Read All
Italy 2015 Chair Hoth at your home Read All
Imperia - Italy 2015 Hoth in 'Il Moletto' bar in Imperia Read All
Livorno - Italy 2015 Archimede Tables in the Hospital of Livorno Read All
Dubai - UAE 2014 Bongo in the Hotel Fairmont - The Palm in Dubai Read All
Rome - Italy 2015 How could Oplà be used in a training room? Read All
United Kingdom 2015 Hoth in a restaurant in UK Read All
Belgium 2014 Hoth in a canteen in Belgium Read All
London - UK 2014 Hula Op and Obi - Crystal Palace in London Read All
2013 Obi chairs in a canteen in Paris Read All
Venice - Italy 2013 Freely in a meeting room of CAP Arreghini (Venice) Read All
Holland 2014 Hoth chair in a restaurant in Holland Read All
Bergamo - Italy 2013 Archimede - Winter Garden Read All
Venice - Italy 2014 Hoth decorated a cafè in the center square of Portogruaro (Venice) Read All
France 2014 Archimede, Multi and Obi - JMP Read All
Oderzo - Italy 2013 Hoth chairs in an open air cafè in Oderzo Read All
Ronco Briantino - Italy 2014 Hoth in the Church in Ronco Briantino Read All
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