A responsibility for the future.

Ibebi believes in the power of relationships. We want people to feel free to move, exchange opinions and grow together knowing that they have contributed to create a more sustainable environment. As a design company, we believe that this is the biggest challenge we face: minimising our environmental impact and helping everyone make responsible choices. That is why Ibebi brings a commitment to the environment and a more sustainable future to every aspect of work, knowing that the decisions we make today have consequences on the world and lives of tomorrow. Simply put, we want our projects to last over time, both in terms of functionality and efficiency as well as aesthetics.

Designed to last

It has always been crucial for Ibebi to design and make furniture that will last over time. Those who choose one of our furnishing accessories must be sure of buy something that goes beyond fashion, that continues to be desirable for the years to come and which, by carrying out for a long time the function for which it was created, does not contribute to generating further waste. We give long life to Ibebi furnishing solutions through a process of rigorous design and very carefully choosing high quality materials and workmanship. This translates into an extremely high satisfaction rate among our customers, since our furniture is rarely the subject of complaints or is returned.

The circle of life

While we hope that all our furniture will remain in use for a long time, from the beginning of the design process we address issues related to the circular economy. In this way we are prepared for the moment when we will inevitably have to separate from them. Whenever possible we use recyclable materials and are working to introduce more sustainable alternatives into our range. We have long eliminated the use of virgin plastics, unless strictly necessary, and where possible we use single materials, facilitating the process of dismantling objects for recycling. Every day we seek projects and actions that can guarantee constant progress, responsibility and integrity in everything we do, from the choice of materials, design processes to that of suppliers. As a Made in Italy design brand serving a global clientele, we adhere to both local and European protocols, alongside which we have defined our professional guidelines.


You can access a full list of all the certifications we hold here.

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